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Anti Fraud Disclaimer

If you feel you have been the victim of a fraud, or suspect fraudulent activity carried out in the name of Meeky Store , please contact us.

Meeky Store is not liable for any sort of loss or damage that occur as a result of fraudulent schemes. Scams may take a myriad of forms, in addition to those described below. We strongly encourage you to remain alert at all times and exercise caution when sharing your personal information.


Meeky Store will never contact you to request your personal information. We will also never send you an email or call you claiming we’ve lost your customer records or asking you to verify your information.

If you are concerned about the legitimacy of a communication (call, email or SMS) you have received from Meeky Store , contact us directly.


There are individuals who use Meeky Store ’s name and brands in emails and on websites in an attempt to solicit fees from interested job-seekers. These scams can be called placement fees or immigration processing fees.

The recruiting and placement agencies we contract to help us identify candidates for specific employment within Meeky Store will not charge candidates an up-front fee of any kind.

Visit our careers page to learn more about the career opportunities available at Meeky Store

Investment fraud

Fraudulent activity can also take the form of investment schemes that promise recipients financial reward in return for personal, business or confidential information, front end fees, facilitation or advance payments. These scams could carry the Meeky Store logo and may use e-mail addresses designed that look like legitimate accounts.

Money Transfer/ Wire Fraud

Meeky Store will never issue a cheque and request a portion of that cheque is returned via wire transfer or cash delivery service.

Prize/ Promotion Fraud

Meeky Store does run promotions in its assets, however we will never enter a visitor into a promotion such as a contest, sweepstakes, or giveaway without your express consent.

In the case that you win a prize in a Meeky Store promotion, we will never request payment of a fee or charge to deliver that prize.

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